January 26, 2012

Top 10 Incredible Online Resources For Programmers

Posted by Vimal Dwivedi at 11:22 PM

software programmingIf you are a Programmer or just influence to learn programming then you must know that Programming depends on logic , so every programmer should update their logic & resources daily.However, it’s really hard to actually finding good content online that can teach you programming. To master in a programming language you need to have proper guidance from people who actually know what they are talking about. for that we listed Top 10 Incredible Online Resources where you can find expert guidance without shelling out a fortune for it.

search code a search engine for finding coding tutorials and programmsIts a specialized search engine dedicated to programming which  provides results through thousands of programming websites, documents and manuals about a Keyword, and the best part is SearchCo.de also provides the complete syntax of using the command along with examples.The results also include a link to the original source of the document where you can find more information.You can find results for any programming language featuring from command of Windows and Linux to MySQL, Apache, jQuery and more.

programr code it onlineThe Programr is a great tool, the feel of social networking with learning is an incredible concept and It also lets you learn programming by using only your browser ,no need to download any specific tool for any language.Creating account is free and with Programr, you will get the choice of either taking their online courses or studying others’ projects to help you learn how to code. After you have finished with your project , you can then share or embed the apps you make in the site since there’s no hosting needed.

Stack Overflow a Question answer site for programmersThe Stack Overflow include the concept of question and Answer ,in which you can ask any programming related question and get responses in very little amount of time . The Stack Overflow sorts the questions with Featured ,Weekly and Monthly answers & questions formats which have most answers and views.The community has worldwide developers which help you in your programming related problems .Just ask your question and get help in Minutes.

W3SchoolsThe site itself a Wikipedia for programmers ,and it’s one of the most popular website in the world to learn any programming language.W3Schools provide tools which you can use to learn programming by using your browser and you don’t have to download applications for any specific language.The site is the best choice for beginners to learn programming language ,W3Schools have huge list and tutorials of commands, tags and functions for HTML, CSS, PHP, ASP.NET, XHTML, JAVA etc..

codecademy easiest way to learn onlineThe Codecademy is one of the easiest way to learn programming online ,The Idea includes simple and interactive platform for beginners,it offers hundreds of basic JavaScript lessons. Registering in Codecademy  is easy, simply use your Facebook log-in or enter email details. You also don’t have to create an account until the 2nd lesson. To date, the Codecademy has approximately 600,000 users.It also provides track and sharing feature so you can track your progress and get motivated.

tutoralizedThis is the tool where you can get any kind of tutorial you need to learn programming,The site contains thousands of tutorials related to programming and the amount of tutorials are increasing each day,The Tutorialized also contains graphics tutorials for Photoshop and 3D software's.It is almost guaranteed that you will find what you need on this website.

sourceforgeIt is the most popular programming community on the web ,When you need to review sample code to learn how to do something, this is a great place to search,The Millions of active users contribute to SourceForge sample code Database.The Content of website is free for all the users ,you can also post your own software at their development section.

Programmers HeavenWhen it comes to find a solution about any programming related problem ,you can always use Programmer’s Heaven which is one of the largest community of developers The website is literally a heaven for programmers and learners.It provides information, tips, and forums on languages like Basic, C++, Delphi, Java, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, Visual Basic and more.

DevxThe DevX is the huge portal which includes tutorials and sample codes for almost every programming language .You can get the most popular topics of Java, C++, Database programming, Visual Basic, Mobile programming and much more in DevX.There is no need to sign up fro accessing the content of the portal .you can select your favourite language from left side menu bar and read the latest article,get tips ,discussion and newest threads about that Language.

snipplrThere’s no way I can finish this Top 10 programmers resources list without including Snipplr ,this is a code library which you can use to get any programming language sample code for free . you can reuse the codes in your program,it’s a well designed site with lots of features.Snipplr have an easy advanced code search tool which you can use to find code for a specific Language or you can select any programming language to get the most popular and latest codes .

You can use these resources to get help for any platform or language you are working on and with these sites you can master any programming language.

What’s Your Take ?

The resources listed above are not complete yet because internet is full of possibilities , So let me know If you are a regular visitor of any of website listed above . Do you have any personal favourite resource which is not listed here ?

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