February 06, 2012

Know The Web : Top 5 Sites To Kill Boredom

Posted by Vimal Dwivedi at 12:14 AM

knowthewebSometimes you may have encountered a situation where everything just seems boring , and at that point you might search for interesting websites that will keep you occupied for hours on end.The Web is filled with lot’s of hilarious sites but sometimes it is difficult to find gems out of crowd and finding Internet sites which are Safe for work means have clean content may become a tough task but we have compiled 5 Hilarious Internet sites to rescue you from your boredom .These websites are a guilty pleasure for many... they have an addictive appeal, and lend themselves to at least 30 mins of browsing per day, depending on your personal tastes.

bored visit crackedIt’s my favourite website which is filled with lot’s of humour ,If you are bored and looking for a way to refresh yourself with lots of hilarious articles then Cracked.com is the best of all websites.

I have learned a lot of useful things and facts on cracked . the site have a huge reader base and great writers which makes posts humorous and stuffed with lots of useful information.

If you are bored then you should check out cracked.com for hilarious articles.

FML hilarious site when you are bored

If you ever thought your life sucks then you should visit FML which is probably greatest sites to get you over with your boredom, the site is a place where people share there epic fail moments .it’s really good to read short updates which are funny.If you are interested in only going through the popular ones, you can click on the appropriate option - "Top FMLs" - which you will find at the top of the page. The good thing about this site is that it allows you to post messages as an anonymous user. I have been a member of this site for quite a long time and I can say that it’s very addictive place.

FAIL Blog hilarious pics and ImagesWhen you are bored then seeing Funny images and reading humorous articles is the best Idea to get you out of boredom and the FAIL Blog shares Images and Videos of the most tragic human mistakes you will ever see.The site have huge collection of funny images and videos which is daily uploaded by various contributors.The Fail Blog is also a organization of many addictive websites ,so make sure you have enough time to check them all Winking smile.

Know Your Meme Hilarious face to know your rage face memesKnow your meme is the Wikipedia of all the memes,it’s a part of Fail Blog Organization and have a huge database which includes top shared memes on social networks.Anyone can submit information about a particular meme, and the good stuff rises to the top. It's also carefully curated and peppered with insightful videos explaining some of the more complex memes. You can easily burn a few hours tumbling down a rabbit hole of interrelated memes.you can also find how to make your own rage face meme.

collegehumorCollegeHumor is one of the most hilarious internet sites which includes very funny pictures and essays, but mostly videos.The site have huge database With constant updates and humour for all tastes you won't be able to help but laugh.CollegeHumor includes the original videos shared by various active users from all over the Internet which are seriously awesome and Hilarious.the site also includes UPick option where you can see most popular posts and videos for more hilarious stuff.

I haven’t included gaming sites which may be a great option to get you out of your boredom but the above listed sites are great place where you can get amazing Images, videos articles with some great knowledge.

What’s Your Take ?

The Internet is filled with lots of hilarious places and it’s a very short list , so if you know more places to get rid of boredom or any of your personal favourite Funny website then be sure to mention them in the comments below.

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