February 09, 2012

Google PageRank Update : From PR0 To PR2 In Just Two Months!

Posted by Vimal Dwivedi at 3:33 AM

Google PageRank-Update-2012I haven’t got a chance for a blog post so far this week but there are plenty of good news which have made me so excited.As you all may aware of the fact that Google has rolled out another Page Rank update after three months of gap and I am really happy to share with you that this blog has got Page Rank 2, which is Good( Winking smileI think).

Getting Page Rank 2 wasn’t easy but I have taken some rules and schedule seriously ,which made this happen.It’s awesome achievement for a new blog ,with few articles.

How I got PR2 From PR0 in just 2 Months!

Here is what I did to bring my blog to PR2 From PR0, in 2 months.

Good Content

In starting days of this blog I have made many posts which was just a rephrase of the articles I have read , but Soon I have realized that it’s not gonna help ,and it’s not about Quantity it’s all about quality of the content. So I have started using ways to get content Ideas for my blog in which some were hidden ways but now all just proved to be successful.


CommentLuv is one of the best things happened to this blog , I have installed CommentLuv on this blog about 40 days ago and I must say it’s helped me a lot to build good relationship with my readers.


Commenting on other blogs is probably a best Idea and I have used my compiled list of Great CommentLuv enabled Blogs to get good backlinks from DoFollow blogs.


Forums are the best way to get recognised as a Blogger, tech enthusiast and web developer and I have used my Compiled List of 86 DoFollow forums list to get quality backlinks for my Blog.

Social Networks

I have promoted my blog daily on social networks , not only with big names , I have also considered some small communities and some unknown social networks to promote my blog,,promotion is the one thing which I do both online and offline.

In this time I got 715 Twitter followers, 720 Facebook fans, 315 Awesome comments and 95 Subscribers.

Series Of Articles

This is one thing which got great hits for me and become one of the best decision for my blog.I have decided to write series of articles Know The Web from 1st of January and until then the chain is not broken.

Know The Web is a series of articles in which every weekend we write reviews about 5 websites which are related to each other and will be very useful in your daily Internet Life.


Search Engine Optimization always been a great way of getting good PR for your website but the Google’s recent changes made us to think differently , I have taken Google Changes seriously and updated my blog so it will fit with Google’s updates.


I am in a learning phase ,it’s just a beginning for me,and this little success just gave me a reason or a plus sign to do more with my blog..The secret behind my success is you! My Viewers and the Guest Authors. Thank you once again for making my blog successful.

What’s Your Take?

How was Feb Page rank update turns out to be for you? And Have you seen any change in Page rank after this update? Also, share any special technique to increase your page rank in next update?

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