February 19, 2012

Know The Web : 5 Sites To Earn Money Online Beyond PTC’s

Posted by Vimal Dwivedi at 5:44 AM

knowthewebPay To Click (PTC) site’s are always been a great way to make money online but they require a lot of time (some also require your hard earned money) investment to actually earn money Online, which can be difficult for many of us . But you have to realize that The possibilities of making money online doesn’t end up with PTC’s or with some social networks , even there are plenty of resources beyond PTC site’s where you can easily earn money online with very little efforts as compare to pay to click sites.

Know The Web is a series of articles in which we share reviews of five Websites which are connected to each other and this post includes the reviews of 5 sites to earn money online beyond PTC sites.

TriondIf you like to spent few hours on the world of web and have something to share ,then instead of sharing as your status on Facebook , you can use Triond to do it.It’s like a micro blogging site , where you can write on any topic .The Triond does not have minimum word count in many categories so you can write a short poem of 20 words, and publish it, you can also share videos, Images .You will get 60% of your content AdSense revenue and the minimum pay-out in Triond is only 50 cents, which you can earn in just few hours ,if you shared a valuable content..

MyLotIt’s my favourite website as it’s a great place to share anything you like ,and get quality feedback instantly. MyLot is more likely a Forum or you can say a social network where you can share your thoughts, pictures ,Videos and you will be able to earn money from it.

with more than 239,259 members MyLot is great network to start earning money online,you will be get paid for commenting,making friends,starting a new discussion,sharing Images on MyLot community.

RedGageRedGage is like a social networks , you can update your status ,like, comment and share others content ,you can upload your articles ,Images ,Videos and you will be paid for that. one of the best thing is that on RedGage you can share links ,so if you are a Blogger you just have to share your latest article with a short description and you can earn money from that and also you will get some traffic of your viewers.

The RedGage offers importing tools which you can use to import your social media content easily.The everyday Challenges are also a great opportunities to earn more money with RedGage.

factoidzIt’s one of the best sites and Amongst the websites we discuss here, Factoidz is the only one, where you have to apply for an account.Factoidz has a great pay-out rate.  The more views that you gain, the more money you will make. The secret of being successful on Factoidz is to write a review of any web service, gadget,game or movie you like most. well written content basically in your own language will get you a lot amount of money.to get approve from Factoidz is getting approve for an community to earn money easily. the daily bonuses are also a great feature on Factoidz where you can get up to 10$ per day as a bonus of your article.

adf.lyIt’s an URL Shortening service and have a very low rate but you don’t have to put a lot of efforts ,It’s a service where your visitors don't have to complete any actions in order to access your link. With the help of Adf.ly you can make up to 5 dollars for every 1000 visits and get paid to your PayPal account as soon as your balance reaches 20 dollars.

Adf.ly is one of the easiest ways to earn money online ,you just have to short an URL and use it anywhere on the web…

Final Words

The all sites listed here are well trusted and personally used by me ,the pay-outs of these sites may seems little but these sites doesn’t require a lot of efforts and your Hard Earned money. Beyond PTC sites the low pay out Forum, social Networks, URL shortening services can

be very useful for you to earn some extra cash online. you just have to give all a try.

What’s Your Take ?

What kind of sites you use to earn money online beyond PTC sites ?

is there any personal favourite website which can be used to Make Money Online ?share it with your great comments below…

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