January 20, 2012

Create Your Own Rage Face Comics and Animations

Posted by Vimal Dwivedi at 8:42 PM

makeragefacecomicsIf you are a daily user of Social Networks then you must have seen Rage Face memes . These Meme comics with the oddly shaped heads and associated dialogue are popping up everywhere you look lately.I’ve seen many images on Facebook and Google+ which involves really great humour ,So if you have been wanting to make a few of your own, then here is how to do it.

Most people think those images are made in basic drawing tools like Microsoft’s Paint. But there are apps that let you easily create those rage face panel comics. Amongst the best of such tools is a web service called RageMaker.


The Rage Maker Website

The Web tool to make Rage Face memes is Rage Maker and it’s really very easy to use ,and one of the best thing is that You don’t have to sign up for anything on the site. Just visit RageMaker.net and select a category to start with ,every Category have particular type of faces or objects that you would like to add to your comic.There are various emotions to female faces and other scenarios which you can use to bring out your creativity and make humorous comics.

Blank comics start with a 2*2 panels work area. You can add or subtract panels on your comic using the the right side panel of the page.This web tool also allows you to download your comic to your hard drive in the PNG image format or upload it online through the site which is one of the best feature.

Paint Face Animation

Animation’s are always been a fun way to explore your creativity so If you have tried Rage Maker and now looking forward to make an Animation by simply using Paint Faces, then you can use an HTML5-based alternative called DisaPainted.It’s a free to use web service that lets you create HTML5 animations and share them online.


painttoolsThis web tool require registration and When you first sign up for an account on the site you have to draw your own avatar.The site provide many basic paint tools which include a brush, a line, curvy lines, rectangle and circle shapes, polygons, paint, spray, and erasing.

The site also offers a large collection of colours which you can use to make your animation colourful . you can draw different frames of your animation and keep on drawing till you feel that you are done.  If you have finished with your animation then you can publish it on the site and share with your social network friends.


The above two site tools are free to use and really help you to enhance your creativity .if you ever feel bored and wanted to do something very creative and cool or just need to refresh your mind then you can use these little web tools.

What's Your Take ?

What You think about these Rage Face Comics? Are these the next generation of comics?

Share your views by using comment box……..

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