January 06, 2012

7 Things You Need To Know Before Blogging

Posted by Vimal Dwivedi at 8:07 PM

7thingsbeforebloggingEveryone now a days into blogging and there are thousands of blog created everyday but few get success in this great competitive world ,it’s not that they don’t have good content or unique Idea’s ,it’s the planning of the blog where many Bloggers Lack.

As you all know I was addicted to Social Games and came in the blogging field with the content of that game but it didn’t last longer because of lack in my planning.

After few months of research and with my Blogging Passion I have created this blog and after that never looked back.

There are many things you have to consider before Blogging , and I am really glad to share these things , which helped me to create my blog and always inspiring me to write good content.

#1 The Things You Enjoy !!

Blogging is not about filling your Blog with irrelevant and random articles , it’s about Enjoying every article which you write.Because a blog is a long term investment of your time, money and energy then you have to blog on an enjoyable topic. Make a list of the things you enjoy discussing. Consider ranking them from the topic you most love on down. You might have five items on this list, you might have fifty. You can start with generalities like “Dogs”, “Beer”, “Gardening”, or “parenting.”

#2 Explore Yourself and the Web

If you have created a list of  things you enjoy then explore underneath yourself about that topic and after that use the power of web for exploring more on that topic, Exploring will give you some starting ideas what you are going through but wait don’t head to Blogging now , there are many more things to consider before Blogging.

#3 Don’t Ignore Your Interests

The things you enjoy ,and exploring will let you know some of the great Interesting fields where you may came across to thoughts and interests similar to you, don’t ignore your thoughts and interest while choosing the topic for your blog ,because interest will lead you to your success.

#4 Selecting Right Place to start

If you have known your interest and explored Web about that topic then you are ready to start Blogging , but selecting right place for your blog is the Most Important step .

There are many places like Blogger , WordPress ,Tumblr and Posterous.every platform has it’s own advantages and disadvantages which will reflect in your blog,Selecting right platform is the mandatory step which you have to select wisely before blogging.

I have selected Blogger because it was the easiest one for starting.

#5 Importance of Domain

The Domain of a blog is the most important part and every blogger must consider selecting right Domain for it’s blog which reflects the basic Idea of the blog ,

Selecting a Domain which reflects the Blog Niche and also SEO optimized is tough but possible , so consider selecting a great Domain for your Blog.

#6 Let’s Have a Look !

After selecting Domain now it’s time to select the Look of the Blog ,Looks Matters same as content sometimes because it gives the first impression to a user , even though I have made many mistakes selecting looks ,and sometimes we use huge number of widgets or gadgets for making blog better and we end up making it worse,

So neat and simple look is great and select a template which will reflect your interest .

#7 What a rush !

I have seen many bloggers monetizing their blogs with many ads and affiliate programs , which will a worst mistake for your Blog , let’s consider you have monetized your blog and you don’t have traffic then what's the benefit of having ads ,

For the new Bloggers first consider making Good Content and  relationship with users and after that think about monetizing your Blog.

These are 7 things which I have learnt so for and every blogger must have to consider before thinking about a blog .

If you are a blogger then what was your steps which you have considered before blogging ?share your views here by using comment Box..

What’s Next ?

I am collecting some great sites and forums from where every blogger can get Idea’s about any content and also there will be the 2nd post of the series Know The Web , so stay tuned with me….

Have a great day……………SmileSmile

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