January 18, 2012

Impact of Google Plus on SEO of Your Blog !

Posted by Vimal Dwivedi at 4:46 PM

Google Plus is Google’s social network that was launched in 2011.The idea was to rival Facebook and cut into their social media market share.So they introduced the Plus One button (similar to the Facebook “Like” button), then announced the Google Plus social media network and finally the Google Plus brand pages. (Think Facebook pages.)

We’re already starting to see the Google Plus impact on search engine optimization with personalized search, and if G+ continues to grow, you can only expect to see more influence.

Impact Of Google+ on Search Results

To See how Google has changed the game with personalized search and social media Let’s take an example :

When I do a Google search for SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) ,while logged into my Google account, I see Kira Permunian site as one of the top results.


However, when I log out of Google and perform the exact same search, his site is nowhere to be found in the top 10.
This is an example of personalized search in motion. I am a frequent visitor of his website.  Kira Permunian and I are also connected on many different social media platforms, which is influencing my results and making them more personal.

Because of “Search ,Plus your World “ no two people are seeing the exact same results anymore when they’re logged into Google. This is huge because it means that it’s getting harder to dominate the search engine results.

Now, does that mean you need a large presence on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, etc. to get good rankings in Google ?.
No.  At least not yet. ;-)
However you cannot deny the influence that it’s having on Google’s
search results .

Which Side You Have Chosen ?

A lot of people have chosen to ignore G+ for now. Despite thousands of users and raving fans, it is still way behind Facebook and Twitter in terms of adoption.

Others have decided to jump on the bandwagon (Like Me) simply because it’s Google. Like it or hate it, Google is the #1 search engine and it’s hard for many to ignore anything they launch.

There are Many Others who fear that if they don’t adopt, they’ll fall behind their competition and/or lose their rankings.

Here’s the reality

It’s way too early to know what kind of influence having a Google Plus account and owning a Brand Page will have on your rankings.Having said that, there’s nothing wrong with giving it a try. If nothing else, create your brand page .

Importance Of links On Your Google+ Page and Profile

It’s also important to note that links on your Google Plus profile and brand page are dofollow unlike other popular social networks. That means posting your Blog Post link on Google+ will help you to be featured on the search results more often when one of your friend search something related to your blog’s niche.

What I have Done ?

I am always been influence the way Google effects our Daily life and to try something new I have created a Profile and Page for My Blog on Google+.

What’s Your Take ?

What’s your views about Google’s Search,Plus Your World ? Have you made a Google+ Profile or Page For your Blog?

What kind of SEO tips are you using for the Google+ ?

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