January 15, 2012

Know The Web # 3 : 5 Search Engines Beyond Google !

Posted by Vimal Dwivedi at 9:57 PM

knowthewebGoogle has always been our favorite search engine and it’s really worthy of being most popular search engine because of it’s searching speed and reliability , but Google lacks where you have to find about specific topic and you need it without any web crawling , because of this “lack”there are few search engines which provide great information about a specific topic and the most impressive part is that the alternatives don't compete by trying to out-Google at basic Web searching. Instead, they do useful things that Google doesn't.

I'm nowhere near as dependent on any of these five free services as I am on Google -- but I use and recommend them all.

#1 : Wolfram|Alpha

wolframalphaIt’s a "computational knowledge engine," in other words if you are looking for some computation or wanted to calculate something , then you can go to Wolfram|Alpha and perform calculation without even crawling web to find a solution of your computational problem.

It's a vast repository of knowledge skewing towards the mathematical and scientific that you can explore by entering questions.

#2 : TurboScout

turboscoutThis search engine allows you to search in different search engines at one place. you have to only enter keywords once, then you can check the results in several search engines.

TurboScout is a great way of comparing different search results for targeting best relevant results for your query.

If you wanted to get best search results for your research topic or any thing you are searching; you can do it by using different search engines at TurboScout.

#3 : Ixquick

IxquickIf you aware of the fact that Google tracks your search results and even your IP and if you wanted to search Anonymously then you can use the self-described “most private search engine” in the world, Ixquick does not store users’ browsing histories, nor does it keep track of IP addresses, making it an ideal option for web browsers who want to keep their information private. In fact, all searches are encrypted to provide you with complete privacy.

#4 : UFO Seek

ufoseekIf you are looking for Paranormal Activity topics for your search results ,then instead of using Google you can Direct search it on UFO Seek ,which is the number one search engine for Paranormal Activities around the Globe.it’s a daily updated search engine which provides various results and articles related to any Paranormal Activity . the search results are filtered by various categories which you can choose without even searching for query and get instant results.

#5 : Academic Index

academicindexIf you are looking for search results about any research paper and if you try it searching on Google you will be directed to some weird Sites which will offering you some custom research papers about your searching query .

then instead of searching Google you can try using Academic Index which includes results from databases that only look at research-quality reference and information sources selected by professional librarians and educators. Since you select the academic area, results are limited to that area , This search engine will ease your searching of a research topic.

I have been using these sites to get quality results about my query and I’ll recommend these services for making your search a fun and reliable and you can also give Google rest for some time.

What’s your take ?

What kind of alternative do you use for Google ?

Got any other Google alternatives that you find essential? Leave a comment and let us know about them.

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