January 14, 2012

5 Easy Ways To Get Content Ideas For Your Blog !

Posted by Vimal Dwivedi at 8:07 PM

get-great-content-ideas-for-your-blogAs a Blogger I know that Content is the most important thing for a Blog , and to share unique ,informative articles I have always used the power of web to get most out of it.

There are many ways to get content ideas which are kept Secret by Bloggers and In this post I will discuss about how to find content ideas for your blog and where to go to find unlimited ideas that will never end. Many webmaster face this problem so this post is for them who are looking for ways to find hot and interesting post ideas.

#1 : Google Alerts

This is one of the best way to get Idea about new Article ,Simply go to: Google Alerts and type in any subject or topic that you’re interested in. Google will send you news alerts when new topics come up about your niche, and then you can pass this information along to the readers of your blog. Remember this will only provide you link of articles which you can use to get idea about that topic and then you can write it in your own way.

#2 : News Sites

No matter what kind of blog you have or which kind of Niche you interested in ,If you write content about recent incidents ,You will always have better chances to get good hits and News sites are the best ways to monitor latest trends about your Niche.

Topix is the best resource to monitor top stories around the world , you can also use Search Engine Monitoring sites which index latest Search Engine Happenings like Search Engine Watch .

#3 : Forums And Blogs

Forums are another great way to find interesting topic that people are searching on the web, you can even ask people about any topic to test how many people are interested in your topic. You should sign up on some forums that are related to your niche to find unlimited content ideas for your blog.

Some My Favorite Forums about Technology are


You can also use your favorite blogs to get article writing Ideas ,Find some authority blogs in your niche , look for some topic and then write about it in your own language by adding your views and more valuable thoughts. Don’t copy from any Blog because it’s not going to help.

#4 : Yahoo Answers!

It may sound weird but Yahoo Answers is one of the best way to get ideas to write an Article, and if you are lucky enough you will also get content ideas about how to write about that topic.

Yahoo Answers provides Millions answers and you can select one of most asked questions and write detailed solution about that topic in your Blog.I have used Yahoo to write some articles on my Blog ,which were the direct answers to their questions For Example :

What The Hell is ref=tn_tinyman???Is Facebook got Hacked?

Is Facebook Becoming A Porn Site???

How to Get CommentLuv For Blogger??

I have written these articles by using same title as asked in Yahoo Answers and you can see that these are Popular Posts of my blog.

#5 : Article Sharing Sites

If you are running out of article ideas then you can also use some sites which share articles written by various authors .These articles are well written and you can use these as an example for your Blog Post.For Example :

Go to Ezinearticles.com There are thousands of articles listed. You can search for articles in your niche. Read a few of them, and then write an article in your own words.

I hope these tips will help you to create content ideas for your Blog but one thing you have to Always remember that the people who spread and share the best content are the ones that will be on top and make the most money with social networking.

What’s Your Take ?

What’s your best way to get content Ideas? Did you ever used any of these resources listed here for content Ideas ? Share your experience here by using comment Box. 

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We are really excited to post the 3rd article of Know The Web Series which will cover the reviews of 5 Search Engines Beyond Google! so stay tune.

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