January 19, 2012

Search Tips and Tricks For Wolfram Alpha !

Posted by Vimal Dwivedi at 8:19 PM

wolfram-alphaWolfram Alpha is a computational knowledge search engine and in my series of articles Know The Web , I have mentioned it as an alternative of Google .This search engine has got great potential and it’s a great tool which combines knowledge with mathematical computation and wraps it all in easy English.Wolfram Alpha is one of the most intelligent websites that the Internet world is seeing right now.However the truth is that the site is not being used to the fullest of its potential by the masses around the world mainly because of the lack of knowledge among the people.

So I have spent some time digging this search engine and listed some set of tips and tricks that can be used to get more with the Wolfram Alpha.

#1 : What To Search ?

Before using  Wolfram Alpha for all your queries you must note one thing that it’s not Google and you should avoid searching for vague search terms ,public figures, actors, singers, events etc. on which of course Google has an iron hand.Wolfram is a lover of maths and science and hence relevant queries from these two fields provides excellent answers. in one line you can say that Wolfram Alpha knows all about maths. Britney? Not so much.

#2 : Simple Always Rocks!

Wolfram Alpha is designed to figure out your queries and provide you best results however if you avoid exceptional words and keep your query simple then it will give you best results , for instance let’s assume you are looking for temperature of your city and you typed as “temperature in the city of New York at the moment” , you are not going to get result as you expected however if you just try to search about “Temperature New York “  you will get the summary of temperature in New York . So if you keep your query as simple as possible you will get the best results.

#3 : Wolfram Alpha and Computation

As I have said earlier that it’s a Computational Search Engine and it provides best results which involves Mathematical and scientific terms ,I have tried some great queries which involve great computation to figure out by a human mind ,and was amazed with the results , I have listed here some queries check them out ,

#4 : Wolfram Alpha And Your Family Relationships

If you wanted to figure out a relationship problem which is very tricky you can try using Wolfram and I am sure you will be surprise with the results .Wolfram Alpha has a Genealogy engine that can trace your family relationships. To make it easier, you also get a “˜tree’ diagram. Just the thing to find out the right introductions at family dos.

#5 : Calculating data transfer time

If you are looking to figure out the time to transfer a file with your data connection , then you can use Wolfram for calculating data transfer time ,Just Ask Wolfram ; Simple

Calculate data transfer time

#6 : Comparison Is Easiest Task!

Wolfram Alpha makes it easy to compare items.it’s not about comparing two strings and numbers you can compare anything you want , that’s right just put some random string like “Compare  Google Yahoo” or “Compare Copper Zinc”

Compare Google Yahoo

Suppose that you need to know the lengths of the GT road and the NH5 you can type the same and the two roads get highlighted in the map along with their details which can then be compared to find the desired results.

#7 : Looking For Strong Password ?

Not so long ago I have asked Are You Really Secure With Your Password ? in one of my articles and in that I have mentioned the security threat related to Passwords ,so if you are looking for a Strong Password then you can use Wolfram Aloha as a Password Generator , Just specify the number of  characters you need in your password ,and you will get great results.

generate password

These are some Computational string I have tried to search on Wolfram Alpha and got results which are just amazing.

#8 : What else you can do with Wolfram Alpha ?

The area of using Wolfram Alpha is very broad , Including Mathematical and Scientific Computation ,Computing any random query and you can also use this search engine to get answers about Following areas ;

  • Gather information on a general concept

Any Conceptual writing needed some logical data which you can find in Wolfram Alpha

  • Research details on specific topics

If you wanted to get details about any Research topic then you should give Wolfram Alpha a try and I am sure you will get best results.

  • Monitor the data transfer rate on your network

The data amount that can be sent from your system and the data amount that can be received can also be monitored using Wolfram Alpha which give you the average up and down rates .It helps you to plan a huge internet related task and you can estimate the time needed for that task .

  • Get URL Information

IF you are owning a website then you can get information about your site like your site’s Alexa rank the number of visitors on-board and the total number of visitors to the site as well.

I have used Wolfram Alpha as one of my Favourite resources and it’s great search engine which worth writing this post.

What’s Your Take ?

I am sure many of you have already tried this Search Engine but if you didn’t then surely give it a try.

What you think about this Search Engine ?

Use Comment Box to let us know your opinion about this Searching Tool…………

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