January 11, 2012

Google Embeds Google+ Directly Into Search !

Posted by Vimal Dwivedi at 9:59 AM

google-plus-searchGoogle keep showing how important Google Plus is to them ,and at 10th Jan they have launched a brand new feature to their search engine which called as Search, Plus Your World .

This feature will start highlighting private social network content in search results by default for logged-in users , this will give search results some personal touch.

The change is live now, though not everyone will see it until it fully launches over the next few days. The new search option will make life easier for some people ,it will allow you to search private content shared by your Family or friends ,

it can probably easiest to understand with an example, Say I wanted to search about “Anna Hazare” ,this would probably pull up links to the blogs, the news, and a variety of Fan sites. but for my personal search it would also include my personal posts ,Images ,Likewise, any blog posts my friends had shared on Google+ about the Anna Hazare would show up in my results too.

This may not looks like a big deal but over time Google will include all Google products like Google Docs, Gmail, Contacts, Music, Voice, Wallet, and so on , in the search results ,so Google is going to increasingly become a search engine for all of your stuff.

So far Google had added only 3 new features in search results ,Here is a quick overview of the three new features.

#1 : Personal Results

Personal results feature enable you to search for the information related to you on Google+ ,it displays results of your search query with photos and updates from Google+ that include your own and those that have been shared with you on Google+, and you're the only one with access to these specific results.

Personal Results
#2 : Google+ Profiles

let's assume you are searching for a particular person , or looking forward to join someone which have same interest as yours ,these results shows you profile of the person in your search result and an option to Circle them.

Profiles in Search 2

#3 : Pages and People

If you are looking to follow some of the great artists or brand pages and if you have searched query for that celebrity then you will get an option to circle there pages from directly within the search results.

People and Pages

The Toggling option

Google has also included an option to toggle between normal results and the results which include your personal data.

If you want exclude personal results then you have an option to switch to normal results and you can permanently turn it off in your Google settings.


Google had begun to change the world of searching and it will have huge impact on the searching era.

this will reform the search results and also increase the importance of Google+ pages and profiles in the business field.

If you haven’t created a Google+ Page and a Google+ badge for your blog do it now…

So for so good to say that for the marketing strategy we have to give Google+ more importance than before.

What’s your opinion about the recent change Google Have made ?

Do you like this Feature ? Have you made a Google+ Page for your site ?

The All images credit goes to Google’s official blog.

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