December 26, 2011

Show All Social Streams in a Single Widget!

Posted by Vimal Dwivedi at 4:16 PM

ZooshiaMany blogs uses widgets to display news feed of Facebook and Twitter by using different gadgets .These widgets or gadgets require  a lot of space in your blog which isn’t a good idea , because clean and simple blogs are more effective than stuffed with widgets and gadgets blogs.

I was crawling site to site to find out any solution for this and I found an amazing site that let’s you create a social stream for Facebook , Twitter and YouTube in a Single Widget .

The Site called as Zooshia ,this site doesn’t require any kind of registration ,plugins or downloads ; which makes it even better.

Basically you have to add Feeds from Social platforms like Facebook ,Twitter or YouTube  ,and it creates a widget which you can use it in your Blog. Simple Copy Paste method is require for this process(Awesome!!!!!).

The Zooshia also allow you to customize your widget by giving Multiple color combinations and multiple sizes to use.


Once you have selected your feeds and color combination and Size of your Widget ,Just Copy the Code and Paste it in your Blogger Blog by using HTML/JAVA Script widget and If you’re using a WordPress site just go to your “Widgets” and drag a “Text” widget into your sidebar and past the code into it and  you’re done.

Zooshia   Create a ZOOSH

The One thing that’s not correct is there isn’t a way to unbrand the feed so their link is just below it. But for most that won’t be a big deal.

I have added one in my blog and it’s really looks great and it also gives you a full fan count across all 3 social sites..

Zooshia is known for it’s “first social widget” and it is available free of charge!

What you think how it looks on my Blog ? and Would you add something like this to your site or blog?

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