December 23, 2011

Diaspora Alpha : Another Social Network to explore

Posted by Vimal Dwivedi at 3:00 PM


This holiday weekend I am going to introduce you to a new Social Network called Diaspora Alpha,The name may look Little weird but the Idea behind it ,is simply great. I have been Introduced to this social network a week ago and was very confused about using it , but one thing that's made me to use this social network was a thought of Blog Promotion and I must say it was worthy.
So here I am Introducing you to Diaspora Alpha……

About Diaspora : An Introduction

Diaspora is a project begun by four students at NYU’s Courant Institute. They proposed to build an open-source, distributed social network as an alternative to companies such as Facebook.

What’s In The Name??

A diaspora is "the movement, migration, or scattering of people away from an established or ancestral homeland" as described in Wiki but in the social networking field Diaspora stands for a movement to provide an open source, safer, more privacy-aware social network.

Alpha Simply indicates the version of the Site.

What is a POD?

Diaspora is a software that can be installed on a server by someone that has the knowledge to do so.  They in turn can allow people to register for an account on what they call their "pod".  There are many of these pods already established across the internet with many users.


so you can say that Diaspora is a Social Network Provided by the users for the users, I like the idea it’s revolutionary.

Features of Diaspora Alpha:

You can say that There are many Social Networks Like Facebook,Google+,Twitter so why bother to use and manage another profile?

The Answer is very simple because of it’s features, here are some of them:


Hashtags :

Hashtags allow you to label and follow your interests. They're also a great way to meet fun and interesting new people on Diaspora*.

Same Feature as in Twitter.

Reshare :

Why not reshare a post you love with others? Diaspora* makes it easy to spread ideas via reshare.

Same as Retweet.

Mentions :

Want to get the attention of an amazing community member? just @-mention them!

Involved in Twitter.

Love :

Show your appreciation for something you love by ♥-ing it.

Same as Facebook Like Button.

“The Idea of Using Facebook,Twitter and Google+ features to provide a new Social Network is very Moving but it’s really great to see how they managed to put all the features at one place.”

Social network integration:

The Most amazing feature which I liked is that Diaspora* lets you stay connected with your friends, even if they're not on Diaspora* yet. Simply connect your account to other major services, then use Diaspora* as your home base to post to your profiles on these other services too. Diaspora* currently supports cross-posting to your Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr accounts.


Site Overview:


The Diaspora Alpha’s Stream is almost same as you seen in Google+,except here you communicate with Hash tags #,and Mentions @ like Twitter.

Profile Page:

The Profile Page of Diaspora Alpha is Looks like Facebook Profiles older version not the Timeline.

Vimal Dwivedi


There isn’t much different in Diaspora and Google+ about sharing but Diaspora will let you share with Facebook,Twitter and Tumblr at the same time.


To Join Me on Diaspora Alpha Visit Here.

Initial Conclusion:

The overall feeling that I get from Diaspora is that it is well coded and easy to navigate.Diaspora looks and feels remarkably like Google+.Diaspora has a great start by integrating Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.As I have joined Diaspora Alpha about a week ago ,so I must say this Social Networking Site worth checking out.

Share Your Views:

It’s my views about this Social Networking Site what’s your first impression about this site? ,use comment box to share your views here………..

Thanks for Reading …….SmileSmile

Merry Christmas to All My Readers……………………………StarStarStar

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