December 27, 2011

5 Free Antivirus Apps to Secure your Android !

Posted by Vimal Dwivedi at 3:48 PM

Android Malware ,viruses,and Malicious AppsThe way security threats for smartphones are increasing , every user tends to use a security apps on their phones but sometimes these security Apps can also be very harmful for your Android Devices.

Not so Long ago I have mentioned that Mobile Malwares are the Next step of security Risks and to avoid these security threats you have to use an Antivirus App in your Android Device.

There are many Antivirus Applications available in Android market but If you are looking for best Application without any cost , then there are few reliable security applications are available.

I have used many Antivirus apps in my Android device and found some great applications which I wanted to share with you…

avastandroidappsI have used Avast! in my Desktop for many years ,I have tend to use this app because of it’s speed on my PC and I am very pleased to see that their mobile Antivirus program doesn't bog down my Android device either.So many other Antivirus programs would slow down performance of my android but avast! works just great!!!.

NortonMobileSecurityNorton Security is a great app ,and mainly known for it’s easy to use, effective and scope of protection. even though sometimes when scanning it’s slowed my Android but it was the first Antivirus which detected a Malware in my Android Device , and I was very surprised to find out a malware in my android device because none other applications have detected.

If you wanted a great security tool then I’ll recommend Norton for you  ,if you don’t mind some slowdown when scanning…

AvgfreeandroidappThis is the Free version of AVG Mobile Antivirus , AVG is known for it’s speed ,easy to use UI , and automatic scanning features. this little antivirus got everything you need for security of your Android device.

the main disadvantage of this Antivirus is that it creates a heavy thread in your android device named Logcat and which can not be terminated,so if you don’t bother about this thread then this is the best antivirus application available in android market.

gdatamobilesecurityThis is one of the most popular and most used security application in android market ,but the paid version have great features in compare to free version. the status of scanning and file scanned when downloaded ,simple UI are the great feature of this free version of G Data MobileSecurity .

if you are looking for an android application which you don’t have to indicate what to scan ,then this application is best to use.

aegislabantivirusAegisLab Antivirus got everything you want to secure your Android device and have many features which makes this application even better some of its features are scan SD card when installing and removing , file scanning when transferring , ads in an applications also scanned by AegisLab .

The free version of AegisLab Antivirus require many information during updates and sometimes it reports Adobe Flash Player as suspicious even after a few fresh updates from the Market.

The above Mentioned applications are the top 5 best and free Smartphone security apps for the security of your device.

I have used all of them and after reviewing these great apps I must say if the security threats are bigger then there are also some great applications available to secure your Android Devices.

If you ever tend to use these type of security apps then which Application do you prefer to use ? and if you ever was the victim of malware infection then which app helped you to recover from the security threat ?

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