December 25, 2011

5 Reason’s of Replacing Blogger Comment with CommentLuv!

Posted by Vimal Dwivedi at 4:14 PM

bloggervscommentLuvAs a Blogger , Comments are very precious to me they gives the idea how much I have succeeded in my post and how much do I need to improve. Comment shows that how much a blog is engaging their readers and the value of a post is predicted by the comments in that post.

Every time I visit a blog if there is 2 posts one has 0 comments and one has 10 comments then surely I’ll tend to read the post which has 10 comments because other readers may have found something which made them to leave their responses and I’ll surely wanted to know what was that “Something”?

But having a Blogspot domain blog leave us with a default commenting system which really sucks!!

So I am Glad to inform all my readers that for benefit of my blogger friend and to give all readers ease in commenting I have installed a CommentLuv widget on my Blog .

I have plenty of reason’s of Using CommentLuv tool on my blog and here I’ll cover 5 best of my reason’s:

Reason #1 : Default commenting system on Blogger sucks!

The First reason I have mentioned earlier that default commenting system for Blogger have no features and it did not attract users to leave a comment ; in other words simply it sucks!!

Goggle may have come a long way with making improvements to the Blogger publishing platform but they have done nothing to improve the commenting system in over a year. and that’s made me replace the Default commenting system on my blog and install CommentLuv tool.

Reason #2 : DoFollow Comment System !

I have made my blog a DoFollow from the beginning and so far default commenting system has nothing to show users that this is a DoFollow blog but by using CommentLuv every user can leave a Link of their latest post here and get a backlink for just commenting on my blog.

As a blogger I know how much a backlink means for a blog ,so to provide a backlink to all my readers I have to use this tool.

Reason # 3 : Easy to Engage Commenter's by replying !!

The Default blogging system have no replying option but there are plenty of hacks available to do so ,but still the reply will show as last comment , which sometimes create confusion in the readers mind.

but by using CommentLuv you can reply to a reader under his comment which give’s conversation a flow and every reader feels themselves important when Blog Owner replies to their comments.

Reason  # 4 : Easy to Install

Lets not forget about the installation it’s really easy and there is no requirement of any expertise in programming languages like HTML and JAVA script . Installing CommentLuv widget in Blogger is very easy and simple method.

Reason # 5 : Increase Blog Post Value by Comments

This is last but very important reason of why I have to replace Blogger Comments with CommentLuv Gadget.

I am sure all Bloggers knows that Blog comments can help with the search engine optimization of your site by seriously improving your ranking within the major search engine, and let me tell you one thing that It is not only blog posts which rank quickly in search engine results, you will also notice that when you do a search, and you click on the results, often the results are not articles or posts as you would expect, but comments. Blog comments and forum comments are often featured highly in search results.(More about Importance of Comments in SEO Later).

Conclusion :

If Comments on my Blog Gives my readers a Backlink , Help me to improve my Search Engine Ranking and Give Readers feel of importance on my blog and all this because of using CommentLuv Widget,  then it’s worthy of giving a try out.

What’s Next :

I am Digging search engines for the blogs and sites which have CommentLuv widget with Good PR ,I’ll Post a Summary of all the Blogs which may help you to gain more backlinks  ………

Final Words :

I have covered almost every reason behind the replacement of Default Blogger Comment system with CommentLuv Widget ,but it can not be concluded without the feedbacks of Readers because it’s you which matters a lot for this blog..

So let me know What you think about this conversion ? what kind of Comment system you use in your Blog except the Default Commenting options ?

Use Comment Box to let me know about your Feedbacks on this little change…………………………………………

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