November 06, 2011

What The Hell is ref=tn_tinyman???Is Facebook got Hacked?

Posted by Vimal Dwivedi at 4:30 PM

Do you think Facebook is got Hacked ?If no? Have you recently noticed your Facebook home page link? if you didn’t ; Then take a closer look now and you will find an unusual ref tag as tn_tinyman .reftiny

facebookhackedEvery time you visit your profile or your home page There will be an additional "ref=tn_tinyman" at last of the link ( Yes, it's gonna bring you to your own Home and Profile. But, let's try to delete "?ref=tn_tinyman", Yes !, you'll be on your own page too.

I asked many of my friends to find out anything unusual like is it dangerous? or It is any kind of Hacking activity?but none of them were answered  ,so for I tried Googling this content and found many users have the same problem ,but no result indicates that it is any kind of hacking activity.

some results referred that it is only happened if the user use additional add-on on browsers ,so I tried to removing every add on I have but it was still there.

Then what is ?ref=tn_tinyman? This made ??me very curious. Hopefully the next few days I’ll find the right answer about how to fix facebook ?ref=tn_tinyman profil url and maybe facebook will be as usually.

There is many Help Center links for Facebook so Keep an eye on these Facebook's links below:

  • Or if you have another links/information related to this topic, feel free to post your comment on the comment box below. I'm gonna update it to this post if it's suitable.

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