November 03, 2011

Social Networking Games:Addiction or Fun?

Posted by Vimal Dwivedi at 8:43 PM

Do you play any Social Networking Game?Do you have Social Gaming addiction?If so you are not alone because millions of people play these games everyday.For some it can become a very real problem; for others, it can grip them for a few days or weeks, and then their interest wanes.

Main Reason For Playing a Social Networking Game

game_addictionIf you never played a game on Social networks like Facebook you missing out a very quick way to meet people from all over the world. The people have a very competitive nature ,so if you are in a online community and they refer you for a gaming challenge, then you can’t totally ignore it so just to make them happy you joined in a game ,Now here becomes the most amazing part;

when you joined in the game you will be totally newbie but when you look at your friends who are playing this game they will be very strong and far above your ranking, so you started to compete with them ,now here comes the fun part which later becomes an “Addiction”.

This is my real story it was started one and half years ago when I joined Mafia Wars to help one of my Friend and after some time it become an addiction for me ,spending many hours playing game and competing with my friends was my daily routine; even I started dreaming and making strategies in night for this game.

Signs of Social Network Game Addiction

How would you know you have Social Gaming addiction?

Social Gaming addiction can be a real addiction like any drugs,there are many signs which indication the addiction of social gaming ,check for these signs to see if you may be falling for social gaming addiction.

Losing track of time this is the best sign to look for ;Do you logged in to a game to play for only 15 minutes and then you have been playing for hours,or for whole night?

Ignoring Friends ,Family and Responsibilities I was an addicted player of Mafia Wars so I know how it feels to be addicted ,you forgot everything Friends, Family events,School homework even some time bunking college to play only Mafia wars.

Excitement playing game Do you fell excited when you logged on your game ?Does nothing else in your life feel quite as much fun as how you feel when you interact with your gaming friends? You forget about being sad or depressed when you’re playing online games?

If these above signs are familiar for you then you have Social Gaming Addiction.

Steps to Help You Stop:

I recovered from this addiction so If you’re friends are clamoring to have you back in the “real world” again, or your family members think you’d rather live in a separate dwelling attached to your computer, it is time to take steps to wean yourself off of your gaming addiction. The following are some steps you can take to wean yourself off of Facebook or other social networking gaming addictions:

Recognize the problem everyone has a breaking point ,I recognized my problem when I got very poor grade in my College that was my wakeup call then I decided to through away my gaming addiction for my real life future ,so now you’ll have a choice either cut back on your Internet time or face some negative consequences such as flunking out of school or losing your job. Remember- your Internet gamer friends aren’t real friends and they can’t help you pass your classes or keep your job.

reconnect with Friends call up your friends and start to reconnect with them ,watch a movie with your friends ,join some clubs,forming relationships is the best way to wean yourself from the Social Gaming Addiction.

Find a new Hobby for me it was the best way but my recommendations for you to try a hobby which have nothing to do with Internet like working out, gardening, reading ,writing anything that keeps your hands busy and off the keyboard.

Getting Professional Help

Sometimes self motivation isn’t very helpful to get away form an addiction so getting a professional help isn’t wrong. It doesn’t make you weak or stupid, in fact,it just confidence and strong. Recognizing that you have a problem and seeking help is the mature thing to do. If you’re a friend, offer your support and don’t judge. A good support system is an important part of keeping someone in right way .

conclusion part

I am the one who once loves to play social games and it was very exciting to Conquer the next level of a game, adding new friends on a regular basis and earning “virtual” cash . However, I understand that these games and virtual relationships can’t replace the real relationships which I have with my friends, family and pets that all depend on me to some degree. If you think you’re sinking in too deep with your gaming, try to limit your time online. Use a timer with an alarm if you have to.

If, however, you just enjoy gaming a few times a week, carry on. There is no harm in playing the occasional game. Virtual relationships may provide you with unique insight to other cultures and languages, and on occasion may even progress into relationships in the real world.

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