November 01, 2011

Why You Want To Become A Full Time Blogger?

Posted by Vimal Dwivedi at 12:10 AM

9_question-markI was very disappointed with the earning of my previous blog which was totally focused on the audiences belongs to social gaming networks but I am a computer freelancer and a blogger so I thought to write something about reviews of latest gadgets ,mobiles ,making money online and anything which is related to a review thing.

but now I am begin to realize that I was very wrong because there isn’t anyway of making money online by just rephrasing the work of other authors.

Today I was reading an article about blogging and lightened on some lines which changed my mind totally.

the words are:

Look at the majority of articles on your site and ask yourself, Can this information be found easily by going to Google?” And if so, what kind of spin have you put on your topic to make your site stand out?

so now I realize that what was wrong with my blogs?and then I asked myself

why you want to become a full time blogger?!”

Yes that was the question ,,,,and what answer I got was very shocking for me because it was “Easy Money”,now I know there isn’t anyway of Easy Money it also need very hard work to begin with.

this is my story and I am sure many of you realize that it somehow related to you also.if so then don’t waste your time finding content for your site here & there which you can rephrase in your site for making money.because all of the audiences only need fresh content, why they will waste time in your blog which they can find even very easily by searching on the Google.

“Then what should you do?” this was the question which strikes my mind and it takes me more than one day to find the answer,,,,,,yes you read it write an answer..
answer is very simple and very hard…..?????

simple in way you have to write about unique content and hard in way that there isn’t any unique content available .for e.g.. if you wanted to search about iPhone you will find 34000 blog posts per day about reviewing iPhone then why an audience will listen to you???

then what should you do ???the reply is very simple---

“You don’t have to write about unique content you just have to write unique content on all posts.”

this is my motivation and I am sure you will find it kind of motivational for yourself.

Think about websites you follow religiously. There’s a reason you are so loyal to them. Maybe the site is funny? Creative? Perhaps it delivers the news first. Does it help you learn a new skill? Adopt some of these strategies to generate that kind of loyalty for your own site.

I think blogs are great, but their convenience has fooled a lot of you into thinking that the work stops after publishing. If you want to succeed in 2011 and beyond, learning how to think outside the box and establish a brand for yourself and site is an absolute must!

This is the first post on this blog I enjoyed writing about so I think in the near future their will be more posts which you will enjoy reading……

stay tuned with me………………..

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