November 18, 2011

Is Facebook Becoming A Porn Site???

Posted by Vimal Dwivedi at 6:34 PM

facebookpornimagesBy this time you have seen at least one post or news containing pornographic images in your news feed ,so for your information you are not alone many users finding themselves in this situation because Facebook News Feeds are flooded with porn images.but how did porn images got in our news feeds?

To understand how porn images got in our news feeds you have to know that this somehow involves Facebook Hacking as Facebook responded quickly to the hacked News Feed porn spamming (read Fox News’ “Facebook Flooded With Porn and Violent Images, Company Warns”).

I also Made a post about ref=tn_tinyman covering the problem about ref tag at the end of our profile links.

facebookpornPointing upBut there something else you need to know that the particular porn problems are caused due to Facebook recent changes and there is no Facebook Hacking responsible,It happens when any Porn Posting Page uses a personal Profile, then all of their “friends” receive the links in their own News Feed.  If a friend comments or likes the post, then their friends may see the link in their News Feed or Ticker.These Porn Posting Pages mostly shares pornographic images in the Pages that allow Fans (or Likers) to post content on the Wall. By clicking on “Everyone” on the Wall title bar, anyone and everyone can see the image and click on the link.

So What You Can Do Personally???

These Porn Posting Pages effects everyone ,even if you don’t manage a Facebook Page but What you Like on Facebook makes an impression and influences what people think of you face-to-face. so pages you like matters,,,

then you have to spent some time reviewing pages you like and if you see any content containing Porn or violence unlike that page and report it to Facebook.

Why Facebook Cares About Porn Posting Pages?

Facebook officially stated about the News Feed hacking attack: Protecting the people who use Facebook from spam and malicious content is a top priority for us, and we are always working to improve our systems to isolate and remove material that violates our terms. Recently, we experienced a coordinated spam attack that exploited a browser vulnerability. .. We’ve put in place back end measures to reduce the rate of these attacks and will continue to iterate on our defenses to find new ways to protect people.” 

Report the images and sites to Facebook (through the proper channels they have set up – view Facebook’s “How to Report Abuse”).

I have no doubt that managing a world of 800-million users has its share of issues and challenges.But With the brilliant team at Facebook, there has to be a way to deal with Porn Posting Pages.Hopefully Facebook will soon recover from this and we will get our Facebook back…..Open-mouthed smile

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What’s been your experience of reporting porn and disturbing images to Facebook?  Do you think Facebook does a good job to protect its users from inappropriate material, spam and viruses? What suggestions would you make to protect your Page (or the Pages you Like) from threats like Porn Postings.

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